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Hemodialysis(Online HDF)


It is very important to communicate with each patient in dialysis room of our clinic, and our staff are dedicated to perform comfortable and appropriate dialysis treatments.
Dialysis fluid:We supply strictly cleaned dialysis fluid to provide a full-time measurement control of endotoxin concentration and total viable bacterial count at the clinic in three ways: EG Reader,Toxinometer,laboratory examination(BML). In our clinic, it is possible to perform onlineHDF in all thirty unit of console.

Hemodialysis management system

For managing patient information, blood pressure fluctuation during dialysis, patient weight, we have introduced a hemodialysis management system. And then, we will provide a healing space with amenities and a clean environment. Motto of our clinic is "a well‐balanced diet, moderate exercise, adequate dialysis". We work for complications ,such as arteriosclerosis obliterans, which has recently increasing. We will continue to support the patient's rehabilitation.

Making a shunt

To do hemodialysis, we make a shunt one day.

Making a shunt means making a arteriovenous fistula artificially, we make a shunt one day. Patients with renal failure requires hemodialysis in order to sustain life. If blood flows into the instrument of dialysis by 200 milliliters per minute ,thick blood vessels is needed. In our clinic, it is possible to feed a large amount of blood in the blood dialyzer by finding out safe point of decreasing the burden of patients, by creating a shunt. We will say that one of the most important thing in the treatment of hemodialysis.

The first shunt is the most important

Although we can make a shunt anywhere in the body, the first shunt is the most important. Creating a good shunt make it durable. When troubles in the first shunt happend, creating a new shunt one by one eventually will not run out of blood vessels that can be used to shunt. And if the first shunt is good, it will cause any trouble gradually. We believe that it is the best choice for us to repair the shunt as much as possible to eliminate the risk of reducing the vessel that can be used for shunt rather than easily to give up and to create a new shunt,because it is the most safe and less burden treatment for the patient.


Extraordinary dialysis

Patients coming by travel or business trip

We are doing an extraordinary dialysis for patients who come from travel, business trip and homecoming at ease. If you would like to do an extraordinary dialysis, you will need a prescribing physician, etc. letter of introduction and dialysis record with various insurance (health insurance card, specific medical disease license).
Please contact us by phone at first.

Consultation of shunt trouble

We have a track record of 100 cases per year as a clinic for making a shunt in a day. Please feel free to contact us.

Dialysis Q&A

What is online HDF?

The difference between online HDF and HD is amount of toxin taking from a dialysis. We get Medium molecular(protein binding toxin) in a single dialysis about 50% in HD,and about 80% in HDF. It is said that Middle molecules is effective for itching and irritated feet.