Urology,hemodialysis in Tokyo Katsushika-ward


Consultation hours and Access

Access Map

Access to Iguchi Urology Clinic
It's a one-minute walk from the South Exit of JR Kameari Station.

After you leave the the South Exit of JR Kameari Station, you will soon see our building on the right because our building stands out there.

There is the entrance on the right side of the first floor which is car rental office.

Please ride up to the 3rd floor by elevator.

Medical corporation Kousei-kai Iguchi Urology Clinic
Sanserite Mariko 3F-3, 3-7-7 Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-0061 JAPAN

  • 03-3838-8721
  • 03-3838-8723
  • http://www.iguchi-hinyoki.jp/en/

For more information, please contact us.

Consultation hours

Outpatient (Urology Internal Medicine)

Wednesday afternoon:Internal medicine consultation hours 14:30-17:30
Second and fourth Saturdays: outpatient of diabetes 14:00-17:00
※Closed : Sunday and national holidays
※Closed : Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Outpatients of diabetes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 8:00-22:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday : 8:00-18:00
※In our clinic, We have a free transportation service for patients of dialysis who is difficult to go to clinic.

Equipment of our clinic

There are state-of-the-art medical equipment in our clinic.

Related facilities

Dialysis department

Medical corporation Kousei-kai Kitamura Memorial Clinic
Medical Town Shinkoiwa, 1-49-10 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 124-0024 JAPAN
TEL : 03-6231-5931 FAX : 03-6231-5932

Medical corporation Jisei-kai Jisei-kai Shinsui Clinic
2-7-1 Higashi matsukawa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0033 JAPAN
TEL : 03-5661-3872 FAX : 03-3674-7036

Nursing department

Medical corporation Long-Term Care Health Facility Megumi
2-7-1 Higashi matsukawa, Edogawa-ku Tokyo 132-0033 JAPAN
TEL : 03-5661-3861 FAX : 03-3674-7028

Medical corporation Home nursing station Jisei-kai Aiyu
2-7-1 Higashi matsukawa, Edogawa-ku Tokyo 132-0033 JAPAN
TEL : 03-5661-3866 FAX : 03-5661-3051

Medical corporation Total home care support center Seseragi
2-7-1 Higashi matsukawa, Edogawa-ku Tokyo 132-0033 JAPAN
TEL : 03-5661-3050 FAX : 03-5661-3051