Urology,hemodialysis in Tokyo Katsushika-ward

Message from Chairman

We believe in the personal touch and aim to be a clinic which is trusted by everyone in our community.

Our clinic that specialized in renal insufficiency diagnose and treat a lifestyle-related diseases such as Hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia. For kidney failure treatment, We provide a comfotable dialysis introducing smooth and accurate dialysis that is treatment of chronic renal failure and making a shunt. We aim to be early detection and treatment of urological diseases such as a malignant tumor of the urinary tract(prostatic carcinoma, renal cancer, bladder cancer and so on) which is increasing as the aging society progresses, prostatomegaly,urolithiasis,incontinence. As striving to improve community medicine, all of our staffs make an effort to provide an optimal medicine with safety management and respecting the patient's opinion and wishes for patients to receive medical treatment at ease. Based on many years of experience, we founded the facility of dialysis. Patients in our facility will be able to recieve precious treatment of dialysis with our experienced staff and in a comfortable environment.

  • Chairman Yasuhiro Iguchi
  • A part‐time instructor of Tokyo Women's Medical University in the urology department
  • A medical specialist and medical advisor of The japanese Urological Association
  • A medical specialist of The Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy

4/1 New ward for inpatients was established at Medical corporation Jisei-kai Jisei-kai Shinsui Clinic.